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The Toppin' Up is a contingent solution for businesses that want to work with us on an exclusive basis, for all of their trainee recruiter hires throughout a 12-month period. As part of the service with The Toppin' Up we will get to know your business inside out: your process, your hiring managers, your training, what makes you great and, most importantly, exactly what works for you in a trainee recruiter hire.


If you demonstrate your trust in us by choosing this solution, we will thank you with incremental reductions in our fees throughout the year. This is perfect if your business wants a recruitment partner who will act as a champion in the marketplace, maintaining and promoting your fantastic reputation and continuing your growth.



The type of businesses that are choosing to use The Toppin' Up are established medium to large size organisations who are hiring trainee recruiters all year round. They have the need and infrastructure to onboard trainees either frequently or at specific intervals throughout the year.


They’ll be a business led by those who can truly see the value in an exclusive relationship with a partner who fully comprehends their needs, and is as invested in their growth as they are. 

Finally, they’ll pick the phone up to us the second they’re looking to hire trainee recruiters, and we’ll do the same back, the second we have one that matches their business.

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