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Graduation Celebration


A career in recruitment is as rewarding as it is challenging. You'll be working in a fast-paced environment where the level of your success is in your hands. Partnering with a rec2rec will ensure your recruitment career begins in the best possible way.

A career in recruitment?
oh go on then.

Let's be honest, no one says they want to be a recruiter when they grow up. You didn't stand up in front of your class at school and share your big dreams of cold-calling, trawling through CVs, and chasing sales targets. 

Why the big anti-sell, Recruitment People? Because we're right, it's hardly rocket science.

But, that's exactly why a career in recruitment is so bloody good. It's not rocket science; you don't need qualifications you spent years studying for. All you need is the self-motivation, drive, and resilience to create your own success.

What do you get in return? Oh, we don't know, just the prospect of clear career progression, work that's challenging yet exciting, a social working environment, and uncapped earning potential.

Doesn't take a brain surgeon to work out why this one's a no brainer.

live roles.


"It’s such a great service from Recruitment People. They went above and beyond to help me and prepare for what can be a very scary step forward! However, Kate and the team were very supportive all the way throughout the process.

Professional, friendly and so helpful! Thank you so much!!"

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