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I moved down to London from Liverpool 9 years ago without a single clue what any of this was all about, or, about the journey that I was about to go on. Fast forward those 9 years, and I have been in Rec2Rec ever since. In that time, I  progressed from the very bottom right the way up to becoming Director in arguably the biggest name within this market. If I’m honest, by now I’ve lost count of how many people, like yourself, I’ve helped onto a similar path by placing them into outstanding recruitment firms but, what I do know is, I’ve had a laugh with pretty much every one of them while doing it.


So, rather than me go through the usual nonsense of telling you an interesting fact about me from when I was 10 or what my favourite food is, I think it’d be much more helpful for you to see what some of them have had to say:

"I worked with Michael finding my most recent role and can hand on heart say he's the best Rec2Rec I've worked with, especially with it being such a difficult time. He was super responsive and consulted me throughout the process ensuring I was prepped for every interview - he knows every client he works with inside out and understands what’s important to both parties. Michael hit the nail on the head with the kind of clients he approached on my behalf and had really listened when I explained what I wanted my next move to look like. Within 2 weeks of working with him I had secured a job with an amazing company, I really can't recommend him enough! Thank you Michael for all your help and support throughout such an uncertain time - you are truly amazing!"

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